Want War With Iran… They Should Say So.

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This has been President Obama’s response when challenged by the press for inconsistencies with foreign policy. His natural defensive reaction to such pressure has been to point the finger of blame or attempt to divert attention away from the topic at hand – a textbook ‘Aulinsky’ tactic. Rather than explain his own actions, or inactions in some cases, he reverts to calling out GOP Primary candidates. While America is in dire need of strength and leadership, especially with foreign policy in the Middle East, President Obama simply cannot resist the urge to politicize every single issue.

There are two significant issues to examine here. First, the United States has been weak and inconsistent when dealing with Iran. There is little question that Iran’s leaders continue to pursue a nuclear weapon, continue to publically dismiss all challenges and criticism, and most egregious of all, they continue to oppress the citizens. The evil regime of Iran has not yet faced real pressure to change their behavior.

In fact, the optimal moment to exert that pressure passed when the Revolutionary Guard bullied the people of Iran back into hiding in 2009 when they had taken to the streets in protest. They were among the first citizenry to organize and protest in an ‘Arab Spring’ type of freedom movement. President Obama didn’t even offer them a verbal expression of support! This is far and away the worst regime in power throughout the Middle East. The United States should have made regime change a high priority and should have pledged support to the citizens of Iran.

Instead of supporting the coalesced freedom movement in Iran, President Obama chose to continue implementing sanctions and economic disruption efforts. These economic disruptions harm the citizens far more than the Government Officials, slowing commerce and keeping money and resources out of the hands of those that need them.

Another point regarding these ‘sanctions’; in 2009 President Obama did comment that ‘we won’t exert sanctions forever… everything is on the table…’  Well, here we are in 2012 and he’s still insisting that he wants to use a containment strategy and sanctions, but again ‘not bluffing’ that everything is on the table. Clearly Iran feels no pressure to change their behavior. They continue to test weapons, insult America, and make dire threats to our only ally in the region, Israel.

The second major problem with President Obama’s foreign policy is the inconsistency. The mystery here is why some Middle Eastern nations are permitted to murder citizens, turning their own armies loose on the streets. The people of Iran took to the streets in protest, no differently than the people of Egypt, Libya, and others. However, the U.S. was compelled to provide drones, air support, no-fly zones, as well as verbal commitments of support for the people – only for certain countries… Why?

While Syria is murdering its citizens by the THOUSANDS, President Obama seems to sit idly by watching it happen. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, and Yemen armies killed at least dozens of citizens under the direction of totalitarian regimes. What are the criteria for getting U.S. support? Who is selecting the nations that will get our support? Americans are right to be confused and should challenge the foreign policy decisions being made by our ‘regime’. We are sending messages to the world of weakness and inconsistency at a critical moment in history when the world is in need of our leadership.


Who Wants to ‘Punish’ the Rich?


Do we really ‘hate’ the rich? Liberals have created this aura or perception, but is it based on any public will or feeling? I don’t believe it for a minute. In fact, I believe that most Americans have an admiration and curious interest with the rich. That’s because I believe that most Americans hope to become rich!

As a teenager, I took a job as a caddy at Broadmoor Country Club in Indianapolis. It was a great job for two reasons. First, the job introduced me to golf, which is the greatest game and can be played throughout life. Secondly, I had first hand access to successful, rich people for hours at a time.

As I observed the members of the club, I began to notice a number of fascinating details about their lives. Most impressive to a teenage boy was the fact that they drove nice cars, had new golf clubs, and wore nice branded clothes. Simple envy or respect for the lifestyle made me (the teenager) want to be like these folks.

As it turns out, the more subtle characteristics of the rich are the most important aspects of their success. Most of the successful people I caddied for were in fact Entrepreneurs, that is, small business owners. There were some trust fund – family money members, there were also a handful of Corporate members and big business execs (now referred to as ‘fat cats’ or ‘fat cat bankers’), but not that many. The majority of the members were simply entrepreneurs, owning and running smaller business or working for themselves.

Another characteristic that was revealed during their rounds of golf – strong and competitive nature. Most of them hated to lose, even if it was a $10 nassau with their buddies on a Saturday morning. They were hungry, competitive people with an expectation for winning. From my view, they were winning in life.

To wrap up the story of my exposure to the ‘Rich’, it must be said that I never experienced any ill will or ‘hatred’ for the members of Broadmoor C.C. In fact, quite the opposite was true. I found myself admiring and studying these people, wanting to eventually be among them.

Perspective on ‘Punishing’ the Rich

As Liberals gear up for punishing the rich, I got to thinking about what should be done to them… What do everyday Americans think the ‘rich’ should be tasked with? What if we…:

  • Force the rich to pay DOUBLE the tax rate of average people
  • Establish deductions that are insignificant to rich, only helping middle income families significantly
  • Force extra taxes on the rich, such as employment taxes and high corporate tax rates
  • Regulate them and their businesses, making it difficult to engage in commerce
See, we ALREADY do all of these things to the alleged ‘rich’. What further action should we take to punish them? How much of their hard earned money would Liberals like the Government to take (I say STEAL).
My opinion is that anyone who wants to punish the ‘rich’ must have given up hope that they themselves will ever be ‘rich’. There’s simply no justification for further measures. Frankly, there isn’t justification for the status quo as the ‘rich’ are already treated quite differently, aren’t they?
Tomorrow, I’ve got a great addendum to this article regarding TAX RATES. Here’s the teaser question: Does the Government (both parties) want higher tax rates (percentages) or more tax revenue (dollars collected)? The two are mutually exclusive… more tomorrow.