This Administration has bragged about keeping their ‘boot on the throat’ of BP while they ultimately deal with the tragic oil spill. The real story is that the White House and Congress have had their boots on the throat of the entire tax paying private sector since they gained control of the Government. With every piece of destructive legislation they force through the Congress they are leaning on and choking our economy, along with every American that works and pays taxes.

The private sector is the force behind our amazing growth over the last two centuries. They are shackled in fear and uncertainty – afraid to invest, hire, or do much of anything! This is not due to normal economic cycles, but directly a result of legislative risk and the enormous impact to come of laws already in place.
Take for instance the overall cost of hiring a single employee. Say you own a small business that makes boots. Now, with a growing government that needs heavy boots to deal folks that pay taxes, you are considering adding another sales person to increase your market share. Good and experienced boot sales persons will earn a salary of $40,000. 
Now, keep in mind that you (the employer) will be paying $2,400 in SS and Medicare taxes, around $1000 in unemployment insurance each year. Now you need to count on either paying around $12,000 in annual health care benefits for the new employee or pay thousands of $$$ in fines. What’s that? You want to offer a low cost, high deductible plan with an HSA so you and employees save money… Sorry, can’t do that any longer. You are going to have to offer a ‘government approved’ health plan (up until private insurance fails and we go to single payer) that covers what is mandated by those who know better than you.
Oh, while you gasp for air under that boot – keep in mind that those added expenses will apply to your existing employees too. They will probably demand more money since their taxes are going up in 2011. Your taxes will be going up too, and that applies to capital gains if you are incorporated. 
So, the bottom line is that adding a sales person is going to cost you more like $60,000 each year. Combine that with the added costs of doing business with your current staff and rising taxes… How do you feel about hiring now? In fact, if sales don’t go up your net income will be going down… Hmm, now you feel the ‘choking’ effect of legislative risk. What’s the result here? You struggle and employees work harder to keep their jobs by increasing production and a boot sales person has to keep looking for a job and remain on welfare – NO ONE WINS!
The scariest part of all this is that Obama and his rubber stamp Congress is just getting started. They have done significant damage in less than two years! Now they have just passed ‘Finance Reform’ which brings a number of new industries under the boot. Is ‘Cap and Trade’ on the horizon, maybe during a Lame Duck session of Congress after they are voted out? What will the effects of increased supply and transportation costs do to your business?

Americans need to Reject this Administration and vote for conservative candidates this November!