They have fully exposed their true selves. The Obama Administration and this congress have made it clear – they are liberals and Statists. They will continue governing against the will of the people and pursue this destructive agenda until they are rejected in the ballot box, and possibly (and shamefully!) even during a ‘lame duck’ session!

It is our duty and Americans to stand up this November, and every November until the job is complete, and REJECT the individuals that support the reckless spending and growth of government. It is not only the massive size and bureaucratic nature of our government, but the real danger is in the power they are grabbing up with each enormous and egregious piece of legislation they pass.

Make no mistake, every new law is stealing our liberties and putting them into the hands of the few. Health Care Reform for example, full of mandates and new controls designed to do nothing more than redistribute wealth and destroy the Insurance system in place. Now the Financial Regulatory Bill, another insidious seizure of control by the Federal Government, will further move power into the hands of the few.

The most troublesome part of this Administrations approach to policies is their blatant problem with telling the truth. ‘The ends justify the means…’ is what it looks like to me. With each piece of legislation they have quite frankly said what they needed to convince the remaining dissenters to vote for the bill. We now know they lied about funding abortion when they needed Stupak on board for Health Care. Don’t even get me started on the numerous lies regarding the so-called ‘Stimulus’ – that one makes me sick to my stomach.

The time is coming for America to choose again. This November the control of Congress is on the table. Voting Americans must decide – DO YOU WANT A SOCIALIZED WELFARE STATE DOOMED FOR THE SAME FATE AS EVERY OTHER EXAMPLE OF SUCH GOVERNMENT IN ALL OF HISTORY?

I believe we should reject this Administration, this Congress, and all of these Statist policies. We must begin electing Conservatives to every level of government immediately, and continue electing them in 2012 and beyond. It is the small government envisioned by the Founding Fathers that gave us the unfathomable prosperity. In only our first 200 years of sovereignty, look what America accomplished with limited government. How will the next 200 years look? We may be deciding this fall…