Now it’s Change and Hope… That’s right, this election is about fundamentally transforming the congress. We, the people of a free and enduring REPUBLIC, need to change out the existing leaders and replace them with conservatives. This does not mean elect republicans, but the most conservative candidates must be considered.

Once we seat them, we have to hope that they will carry the political will to serve us by changing the course of our wayward ship. Let me rephrase that, we must DEMAND that they take the drastic measures to right our finances and get our economy back into action. If newly elected officials won’t take appropriate action – we need to replace them and repeat the process until it works.

So, that is the ‘Change and Hope’ we need for elections in 2010. Changing the leadership of Congress will only bring a halt to the radical agenda being pushed currently. We must have a conservative ‘Super Majority’ by 2012, otherwise the deep rooted and intentional damage to our economy and it’s infrastructure will be tougher to overcome. This is the ONLY hope for maintaining the integrity of the United States we grew up knowing. If we do not act in the next two elections, the US will fall from glory as the ‘Last Best Hope’ for the world.

Here is the Manifesto for our 2010 or 2012 Conservative Congress:

  • Repeal Health Care Reform Bill, replace this with the sensible parts of the legislation that address rising costs
  • Reform Medicare and Social Security IMMEDIATELY – each year we wait to do this we inch closer to catastrophe. The pain will be less substantial the sooner it is done – it must be done.
  • Massive reductions in federal spending and programs, including entitlements.
  • Reductions in both personal and corporate tax rates to attract investment and inspire private sector growth
  • Secure ALL borders and travel into the United States, followed by a debate and plan for addressing existing illegal immigrants already here.
  • Restore relations with allies around the world
  • Bring clarity and conclusion to our war with Radical Islamic Extremists across the globe – These factions should fear the ‘Fists of Justice’, not us living in fear of them.
Thanks for reading, enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and remember those that helped preserve the freedoms of our citizens!
Collin Hedegard