This has been a confusing few weeks since the proverbial ‘Climate Gate’ news hit the mainstream media. The science is in and apparently it’s corrupted data that shows danger and a global warming crisis. Or is it? There are scientists on both sides of this debate. I’d certainly like to see some collaboration on the research and open debate on some of the data and details.

A much more simple and fundamental question comes to mind when I step back and think about this… Shouldn’t we be happy to hear that there’s a possibility that humans aren’t destroying the earth? I heard this concept thrown out there as a casual comment on conservative talk radio Friday. At first, I didn’t think much of it. Then it struck me – this is great news! It’s not conclusive that we are all rapidly melting, or is it freezing… I don’t remember. Either way, it appears that we’ve got enough time now to figure things out! Fantastic!

Or is it too late for some things? Emission regulations (second only to union labor) have contributed to the dismantling and destruction of the U.S. automotive industry. Billions of dollars (wait, is it billions or trillions? Doh, I’ve gone cross eyed)  have been spent and more money promised to ‘green’ things up around the world. Shouldn’t we make sure it’s true before we go further? Shouldn’t we be sure before we outlaw coal and energy sources that are less expensive and more reliable than wind and solar sources? More importantly, shouldn’t we be absolutely sure the scientists are being ‘scientific’ and ‘truthful’ before we write them blank checks for designing a blueprint for future energy policy?

Isn’t it confusing to see these folks upset at the concept that we may not be destroying the earth as fast as many thought? I mean, how can we be anything but elated to hear it? Come on, this does not help the case of the alleged email perpetrators, does it? The fact that they seem to want this stuff to be true – it just doesn’t make sense – unless… could it be the money? No, surely not that. Can we ask these guys this stuff? What exactly happens if they are exposed or proven wrong? Isn’t that good news for the industrialized world and economies we live in? Let’s figure it out, I’d like to know what and who to believe.

Though I’m not a scientist, I remember a couple facts from biology. Humans breath Oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide. Plants on the other hand ‘breathe’ or use Carbon Dioxide for photosynthesis and emit Oxygen. If plants are good for us, and CO2 is good for them, how can it be a pollutant like the EPA declared? God designed a pretty good symbiotic relationship here, and I have a feeling he knew the capabilities and future of mankind. We’ll find out, one way or another, we’ll find out the truth!

Watch out, you emit CO2! Do we fall under the regulatory power of the EPA now?

Collin Hedegard