Alright, as the news feeds roll past my eye and debate presses on, we have to ask ourselves “What is going on with politicians these days?!?” Reid proclaims late last night that his caucus has reached an important compromise, and they cannot disclose the details! Why not? Why are laws being written with lobbyists and no public disclosure? This is nothing like what we were told during the campaign. The American public should demand some explanations!

Regardless of your views or political affiliation, it is tough to like any politician right now. On one hand there is a Democratic Party that campaigned on reforming political behavior, transparency, and middle ground – of which they are not delivering anything other than partisan and exclusive progress of a left and radical agenda. On the other hand there is a leaderless and seemingly week GOP trying to slow the Liberal momentum. Further, the middle ground and ‘undecided’ folks are just frustrated and confused.

Maybe it’s time to move all these politicians into the ‘Recycle Bin’ and try some new ideas! Personally, I’d like to see someone brave enough to do what he or she believes to be right and risk getting kicked off the congressional gravy train. I expect they’ll discover a constituency that respects them and will support them, even if they don’t agree 100%. It’s sickening to see someone compromise their views for the sake of re-election. It’s also disgusting that guys like Byrd and Specter have been on the Hill for decades – have they provided a genuine or unique idea in recent history? How good is this job that they will switch parties and opinions to stay in the seats?

As you may deduce from this opinion, I’m a huge proponent of limiting terms for both bodies of Congress. It’s just practical and smart to demand an influx of new ideas, concepts, and personalities into any organization. Granted, elder members provide a conservative wisdom that can’t be matched. However, there’s no argument that today’s youth are more innovative and intelligent than ever before. Maybe the voting public will chose the wise crowd, maybe not. The beauty of many successful endeavors is balance, and it is my opinion that Congress would benefit from ideas and innovation. The voters should have the opportunity to bring in some fresh meat and see what they can do!