Independent thinkers need a place to observe fair and objective dialogue. MSNBC is selectively reporting the ‘left’ side of things while Fox has planted their flag right of center. Even fundamental reporting of the news has become an exercise in support of one perspective or another. For these reasons this forum exists, providing an opportunity for free spirited but friendly and civil debate.

Please submit questions via email, twitter, or blog submission. I’ll be posting some questions to kick things off, but your feedback and following will be needed, so please join me in challenging the public and our elected officials. We need good answers and solutions to a number of serious political issues and we need them now!

To hold a consistent format, some simple ground rules need to be laid out:

1. Please submit a question of your own or submit an answer to a posted question. Answering your own question is fine, even encouraged. Readers will appreciate the chance to review different responses and ideas for one topic.

2. Refrain from personal attacks and demeaning comments about other submissions, as it will not be tolerated. The U.S. is unique and truly great because we all have the opportunity to share our opinion freely. Submissions with such attacks or behavior will be removed and participants will be blocked from further participation.

3. Topics for this forum include politics, social issues, government, and economics. Submissions of other topics will be removed at the discretion of the author.

That’s enough rules, some would even argue too many! So, let’s begin the conversation and ask some serious questions. Remember, it’s the people who govern this nation. Politicians are accountable to us, but we need to understand what is going on. What better way than by asking ‘Good Questions’?

Enjoy the Blog! I’m looking forward to hearing your ‘take’!

Collin Hedegard, Author